About Us

Welcome to Flix.biz! A video sharing network were businesses big and small come together on one platform to share all things business related, We are the first to offer such a platform!

Flix is for anyone who owns and operate a business online and offline who are passionate about their business and wants to show off everything through video such as, How to’s videos, Business videos, Company commercial videos, Product design, Business support and lots more.

Flix has video topics on just about all business categories and niches to choose from, upload your business videos and share them to the world.

Here are some of things you can do here Flix.biz

Submit your videos – You can submit your videos directly from major sites like Youtube and Vimeo, using a simply link, embedding it or upload the whole file to Flix. Your choice.

Submit Bookmarks – Submit your favorite business bookmark links easily on Flix, Simply click the + symbol and select Link.

Build your company profile – As a new user the first thing you should do is, Build your company’s page by adding your logo or picture of yourself, description of your company, Add your social links and website links.

Socially connecting with other businesses – At Flix, other companies can follow you and you may follow other businesses, simply click on their profile that is located on a video posted by that company and click “Follow”.

Rank system – The more you post the more you rank on Flix, Simple. The more views you get the more you rank in top viewing sections of the site, You get points for every video posted and how many shares your content has gotten, You can share your videos and company’s page to other sites for better rank and points and not to mention, more traffic back to your business.

Flix App Directory – Submitting your apps on major app stores in this day and age just simply isn’t enough, That’s why Flix makes it easy and free to submit your Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon app links to our directory. If you would like your app to be considered in our directory, You may submit it Here

We look forward to having you join us and a network of businesses just like you!